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A mental age test provides insight into your cognitive abilities and potential areas of growth. Taking the test can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas where you may want to focus on personal development. Give it a try and see what you can learn about yourself!

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What is Mental Age?

Mental age refers to the measure that highlights the intelligence level of the person compared to the average performance. Mental age depends upon the attitude and intelligence alongside their behavior.

The concept of mental age helped us differentiate between chronological age and mental age for better assessments. Several tests were also designed to calculate mental age.

Aside from the cognitive benefits of knowing your mental age that helps your personal growth, it is also fun to take a mental age test and compare the results with your friends.

What is a Mental Age Test?

The mental age test is a unique and fun way of calculating your mental age by answering a few simple questions. The concept of the mental age test was given by Dr. Alfred Binet in 1905. 

These tests laid the foundation for IQ tests which are widely popular in modern times. It consists of questions based on various topics that analyze the thinking or maturity of the user compared to his chronological age.

The purpose of the mental age quiz is to help cater to the user's curiosity regarding their mental age. It is also a fun tool that can be shared among your friends to compare different results.

Some popular questions asked in the quiz are as follows.

Do you enjoy trying new foods and cuisines?

Are you someone who enjoys spending time alone?

Do you consider yourself to be an extrovert?

How it Works

Calculating mental age by using the mental age calculator does not require you to follow complex procedures. It can be understood with the help of the following points.

Take the Test

The user has to answer a series of mental age test questions with either "yes", "no", or "neither" options provided to them. These queries are prepared in such a way as to measure different parts of cognitive functioning. The outcomes can help recognize areas of strength and weakness in the person's intellectual capabilities.

Know Your Mental Age

The user will receive a result after completing a quiz, it will indicate their mental age. This result can provide valuable insights into the individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Get Recommendations

Apart from the results, you will also receive a recommendation based on the mental age that defines you. The recommendations vary on the mental age calculated after the test. For instance, if your mental age is 17, recommendations will highlight you are energetic, full of life, etc.

Why Should You Take a Mental Age Test?

If you are still unsure whether you should take the mental age test, we have discussed some prominent reasons that will help you make up your find.


Mental age tests help users discover the mental abilities that can help them in their personal growth. It can accelerate their learning ability for a better experience in the academic field, which is beneficial in the long run.


These tests can help you work on cognitive weaknesses that can hinder your development. Furthermore, it also helps in knowing the effectiveness of educational interventions for better insights.


One of the significant benefits of the quiz is that it contributes to successfully evaluating or diagnosing cognitive abilities or disorders. It can be exploited to develop the strategy needed to assure individual growth. 


Discovering your mental age by taking the quiz can help gain a better insight into your personality. In other words, it can help you understand your true potential, which can boost your confidence and eliminate the struggle for learning visible in the past. 


It allows a better understanding of the cognitive abilities of the user, which improve the quality of life. The knowledge gained during the process can be used for clinical interventions to overcome the challenges faced by the user. 

Why Choose Us


Mobile Friendly

Most users are forced to download iOS or android applications to find their mental age. However, our website design is very responsive and does not require the user to download an app for mental age tests.


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One of the most notable features of our tool is that users can take the mental age test numerous times without any charges, and that too for an entire lifetime.


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Our mental age quiz supports multiple languages like Greek, German, Indonesian, Spanish, and many more to provide a rich user experience.


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Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for users belonging to all age groups. It can be used by senior citizens, teenagers, children, or adults without any issues.

What is Mental Age V/s Chronological Age?

People often confuse themselves between mental age and chronological age. While chronological age shows the period spent since birth and is calculated using years or months. On the contrary, mental age highlights a person's age based on his thoughts, maturity, or perceptions. 

It is also crucial to state that mental age can be treated as an emotional age calculated based on the thought process and maturity irrespective of the chronological age. However, the mental age and chronological age of the person may be the same.

The concept of mental age and chronological age can be understood with the help of the following example:

Let us consider that the chronological age of Mr. X is 37 Years old. However, judging by his behavior, emotional responses, and thinking ability, the mental age test results show the mental age to be 18 years old or vice versa. It implies that there is the possibility that the mental and chronological age of a person can differ significantly.

Question And Answers

There are various types of mental age tests. Each of them is designed to calculate specific parts of cognitive functioning. Some standard types of mental age tests have verbal reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests, spatial reasoning tests, memory tests, and perceptual rate tests in them.

The test results do not always highlight the personality or mental age of the user. They are a fun way to calculate your mental age and should not be treated as a diagnosis of your exact mental age.

Arealme is the first website that allows you to calculate your mental age digitally using the Arealme mental age test. Users can use it to calculate their mental age by following the instructions on the website.

The mental age drawing test takes input from the user in the form of drawing and uses it to calculate the mental age of the user. It is one of the unique methods to try to compute your mental age.